Monday, September 16, 2013

Ponytail Braid Tutorial

One of my new favorite hair does for when I'm on the go and don't want my hair in my face is the ponytail braid. It's essentially a braided side ponytail and is perfect to wear when you're working out or doing errands and don't want to fix your hair.

I hope you give this tutorial a try!

Materials Needed
  • 2 hair ties
  • Hair brush
  • Hair spray
1. Start with clean, dry hair.
2. Put it in a side low ponytail.
3. Next split your hair into three equal sections and start braiding. Here's a link on how to do a messy braid
4. Next finish braiding and secure the braid with a hair tie.
5. Then loosen up the braid and your done.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you try it out. I like it because it gives your braid that extra hold which is perfect for people who run or play sports or just want to have a secure braid.

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