Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Oxfords

1. Grey Oxfords Target $21.99
2. Mint Oxfords Target $19.99
3. Tan Oxfords Nordstorm $59.95
4. Brown Oxfords Amazon $16.99
5. Gold Oxfords Anthropologie $98.00
6. Nude Oxfords Macys $49.00

Can we just talk about how cute oxfords are! I mean seriously, they are the perfect girl shoes and say so much about your style. They have oxfords for preps, cuties, athletes, and pretty much every group of people.

My favorite oxfords are #5. I actually have those kind and I'm in love with them! If there was just one shoes I had to wear forever, they would be oxfords.

I'm so glad that got popular last year. I remember when I got my oxfords I was like the only person wearing them, and then suddenly, bam there was tons of people wearing them and there are still tons of people wearing them.

Their a shoe that should never go out of style. There going to be a timeless shoe in my wardrobe.

What is your favorite oxford style?

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