Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Essentials

Oh heeey everyone.
I'm Lacey.
I get my blog on over at Sunny + Turquoise.
I love sun and turquoise..can you blame me? 
When Caroline asked my to guest post I thought I'd share with you all what my summer essentials are.
You might think these are obvious but uhhh..they're mine essentials so lets roll with it. 
Fruit salad: It makes me feel healthy, clean and refreshed on a hot day. Enough said.
Deodorant: because I sweat when I'm roasting in the heat while out and about. You can never be over prepared with a mini one in your purse.
Swimsuit: I sneak away to the pool more than I should. I picked up top and bottom pieces at Target yesterday for $5 a piece on sale! Run I tell you. 
Cross body bag: the last thing I want to do is carry a heavy bag on my shoulder. This is easy, breezy and light on warm days. 
Sunglasses: I don't want people at the pool to know I'm creeping on them. I guess I don't want wrinkles around my eyes after squinting either. 
A good moisturizer: That has SPF built into it is essential. I'm trying to get better at protecting my skin, this is the start. 
Book: I need something to entertain me and keep my attention while I'm sitting outside enjoying the warm weather. Women's Health is another go to magazine.
Maxi: A versatile maxi that can be dressed up or dressed down is my go to on warm summer days or nights. So easy to throw on and look effortless.
White shorts: And jeans for that matter. They make you look tan, go with any color of top and are always a classy look.  
Summer drink: No matter what your beverage of choice is, having a go to summer drink that is refreshing and girly makes my summer days and nights a little better.
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