Wednesday, June 5, 2013

10 Blogging Tips

Here are 10 of my own blogging tips that I've learned from my last few months of blogging.

1. Reply to comments the right way
Reply to your comments through the e-mails you get with their comment not on your blog. I though I had to reply to my followers on my blog and later found out I was ignoring my followers comments by replying in the wrong way.

2. Don't be a no-reply blogger
Make sure your not a no-reply blogger. For the longest time I though bloggers were ignoring my comments until I found out I was a no-reply blogger.

3. Turn off word verification
Go to setting-posts and comments-and click no on show word verification. This helps readers not want to comment and increases your comments.

4. Have social media
I put this off for the longest time and just a couple weeks ago created a Facebook Page for my blog. I have a pinterest, instagram, twitter, bloglovin, and facebook page now to share my blog with others and increase my readers.

5. Meaningful posts
I never really struggled with this too much, but make sure the post is relevant to your readers so they will want to come back to your blog.

6. Have an About you page
Make sure to have an about page so readers can learn about you and really feel connected to you. I've gone to many blogs and have not been able to find an about page or have found a page that didn't really say much, so make sure to have a clear about you page.

7. Contact page
Second to having a clear about you page is having a contact page. It's really hard for a follower to contact you if you don't have your e-mail on your about you page or better yet a contact page.

8. Label your posts
Have a labels (tag) section on your blog so your followers can pick a topic to look at. i.e. have a tag labeled recipes for your readers to be able to find other recipes that you have made and shared on your blog.

9.Similar posts link
Have a link with popular or similar posts so your readers can look at other posts that a majority of your readers enjoyed. I got link-within for my blog to show similar posts to my readers.

10. Button Swap
To share your blog with others, make your to swap your blog button with other bloggers. It's easy, free and helps you make new bloggers friends.

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  1. I did the same thing with my comments! I thought I was replying to them until I read a post like this and was like, "oh crap, she probably thinks I'm ignoring her!" Thankfully that's fixed now! Great post :)

  2. These are all great tips!
    I find it hard to reply to comments via email all the time because there are LOTS of No-Reply bloggers out there, and some of them have their reasons for remaining that way. Most of the time, I just return the favor by leaving a comment on the blog of the one who left me a comment. If I really have a good reply, I will do it by email (or on the blog post, if they are a no-reply blogger). But I do like to reply to the comments, when I can. =0)
    Reading your list made me think about a "Contact Me" page, because I don't have one [yet].

  3. I need to start putting similar posts into mine. Thanks for the tips!

  4. I hate blogs that don't reply! I feel like their not reading my comments. :) And word verification is so infuriating aha x


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