Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 Things to Do This Summer

1. Set up a projector outside and watch a movie
This is so fun and easy to do. You can even make a party out of it and invite some friends over.
(Some neighborhoods host outdoor movie parties too so check your newspaper or google it)

2. Roast Marshmallows On a Fire
Summer is not complete unless you have a marshmallow over a fire. You could even do this while you watch a movie outside on the projector.

3. Bike around your city
 Me and my sister have been bike crazy this summer. We've gone around our neighborhood, downtown, and on different trails and parks. So much fun and a great workout too!

4. Go to and outdoor musical
 This past weekend my family and some friends went to see a High School Musical performed by a bunch of high schoolers in an outdoor theater. It was so much fun and I was really impressed with those kids who performed. They didn't mess up once and it was 2 hours long (And free!!) (Let's just say all the performers are destined for greatness)

5. Visit a Zoo
Zoos aren't just for kids. They're actually a lot of fun and I'm always amazed at how many and what animals I see. Take a camera and go have fun making memories with some family and friends! They have days throughout the summer, when you can go for free, so check out your local zoo website and find out when they are to plan your trip!

6. Go to a Water Park
No ones summer is complete with out going to water park. Whether it's Splash Town or Schlitterbahn, their all super fun!

7. Go Skiing or white water rafting
Their both so fun and pretty affordable. My personal favorite is white water rafting but skiing is so much fun to.

8. Go to a Concert
Every summer I always hear about free concerts that are happening and try to go. There always super fun and free! Nothing beats that!

9. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or Your local Mission Center
It's easy to become rapped up in ourselves but I always gain so much back when I'm helping others. So, go and volunteer somewhere like a mission center or your local soup kitchen and impact someone else's life in a positive way. It's really rewarding and so much fun.

10. Last but not least, go hang out at the beach
The beach is always so much fun and there is so much stuff to do at the beach: Sand Volleyball, tanning, swimming, shopping (WOHOO!!!), and of course eating. It's also really affordable and is perfect for a weekend trip or just a day trip if you live close to a beach.

Hope you enjoy your summer and don't forget to try some of these summer ideas! Their all free (except the water parks but hey not everything in life is free) and super fun!

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  1. I want to do all of the above! Hoping to head to the beach after calling it an early work day :)

  2. Awesome blog! I didn't see your Feature & Follow posted but still followed you via bloglovin'!


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