Monday, April 29, 2013

Guest Post: Naomi from Patterned Love

Hey girls! I'll be busy all week so I will be having some guests pop over and talk on my blog this week. One of my favorite girls who knows everything about refashioning and great outfit ideas will be sharing today!

 Hey Love Caroline readers! Thanks so much for letting me pop in and tell you about myself.
First things first... I'm Naomi & I love coffee. 
(That's where the crowd comes in and says, "Hi, Naomi" in a monotone way.)

Yep, I live on coffee. From 6am till 9pm I'm usually sipping a cup-o-Joe.

I live in the Northwest, home of wonderful coffee. It's also land of baggy jeans and sweatshirts (in my opinion). People sometimes walk around in pajama pants (which I'm not saying I've never done...but I was a teenager at the time and didn't know any better.) So with the thought of not wanting to look sloppy, I started shopping. Way To Much. Through a series of events, I embarked on a full year of no shopping to break the cycle of ridiculous over-shopping. My only source of any new additions to my closet was to make it myself out of something I already owned (or that was handed down from friends). Because of that, I started sewing more. Sewing has grown to be a love of mine. It's so fun to create something. After my year of being cut off from the purchasing world, I decided to step inside a thrift store and see what I could find. And I haven't turned back since. I grew to love to DIY and refashion thrifted clothes. In fact I just went to Target to get some basics and it was almost painful to pay full price. But I found an amazing dress and got over that pretty quick.

Even though I had a moment of paying full price, I really love thrifting more. I love the idea of making something old into something  new, making something ugly into something pretty and fun. I absolutely love the idea of paying $4 for pants! Patterned Love is a place I started to document my thrift, DIY, refashion, and hand-made closet.
 Now that you know I'm a coffee addict and thrift store enthusiest here's a few more fun facts:
1. I love chapstick
2. I collect mugs... Rather drink from a mug than a cup or a glass.
3. I watch Project Runway as if it were not an option.
4. I am a proud daughter of an amazing mother.
5. I think all tall ladies should wear heels! Don't be shy my tall friends!
Thanks so much for sharing today Naomi! Don't forget to check out her blog at Patterned Love!

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