Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Christ In Me and Through Me

Today, my Dad told me a story that really moved me. It was about having Jesus as such a bright light in your daily life that others can see it. Here's how the story went. A man was a prisoner for being a Christian who preached in Romania, and was being beaten because for his faith. Through all of his suffering, the man didn't curse the interrogators, God, or pray that bad things happened to them. Throughout his whole time as a prisoner, and during beatings and questionings he showed God. He told them he was willing to die for his faith. He said that killing him would be ok, because the message of God and his son Jesus would be more important and stronger to people and that they would want to listen to something that led someone to be killed and be a martyr.

The man who suffered these things was Joseph Tson. I can't help but think, that what would my life look like, if I wasn't' afraid to die for the sake of the gospel? As a Christian, I don't want to just say I'm a Christian, I want to live like one everyday, even when I'm under persecution. I know I will always have sin in my life, but I want to live with Jesus so strong in my life, that I would die for God, just like Joseph Tson was willing to do. Here is the full Story of Joseph Tson and his sufferings. I hope you feel as encouraged and inspired as I do.

This song reminded me of how God wants me to live my life and that Jesus gave me freedom through his death.

Hope you have a God-filled day and that you live with Christ reflected through your life.

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  1. Love this. <3 Such an inspirational little story.

  2. Following from the TGIF Blog Hop. Hope you have a great evening!

  3. What a beautiful story. Thanks for stopping by the blog hop!


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