Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grey Nail Polish

I have been playing around with different nail polishes the past few weeks, and decided I would try out grey nail polish. You're probably think "you haven't ever worn grey nail polish!?!" I know, it's about time I try it out, and I love the color! It goes with everything and I am so glad I tried it! How do you like grey nail polish? Do you think it goes with mostly anything too?
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  1. Cute nail color!! I love using grey in the fall/winter.


  2. Gray polish is so chic- softer than black, but still with some edge. And you're right- definitely goes with everything!


  3. I have a light grey polish that I love for winter too, in some lights it has a lavender hue, I love it!

  4. These nails are sophisticated enough for work or an elegant event, and mild enough to not clash with one’s outfit. nail stickers


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