Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DIY Dream Catcher Necklace

So, a couple weeks ago I found a tutorial on the blog Sincerely Kinsey for a DIY Dream Catcher Necklace, so, I decided to try out the tutorial and add my own glam to it. The Dream Catcher Necklace is easy to make and is super cute!

Supplies: Metal ring (got mine at Hobby Lobby), Leather (Hobby Lobby), dental floss (or colored thread), Yarn (color: maroon), Beads (silver beads with floral design), and Twine

Step 1: Secure leather onto metal ring with super glue, just a small dot should work. Wrap the leather around the metal ring until it is completley wrapped and cut the end and super glue it to the metal ring.

Step 2: Then make a pattern in the middle of the metal ring with the dental floss by wrapping it around the leather. You may want to hold it down with a small dot of super glue.

Step 3: Then cut 3 pieces of 5-8 inches of yarn and wrap them in different positions around the metal ring where you want the bottom to be. 

Step 4: After that cut 3 pieces of 5-8inches of twine and braid the yarn and twine together.

Step 5: When you reach an inch from the ring with each braid, add a bead to one of the pieces of twine and continue braiding and add beads as desired. (I used three beads on each braid and had them about an inch apart). Then use twine and tie a knot at the end of each braid and cut off all uneven pieces of yarn and twine. Then cute a long piece of leather to go around your neck at the length you want (mine was about 30 inches) and loop it through the metal ring and tie it.
Tada! A DIY Dream Catcher Necklace!
Hope you give it a try! Enjoy!

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