Thursday, October 3, 2013

All About the Flats

1. Blush Ballet Flats Target $14.99
2. Pale Peach Ballet Flat Target $19.99
3. Torquoise Ballet Flat Target $9.98
4. Canvas Ballet Flats Target $10.48
5. Yellow Leather Flats Target $39.99
6. Maroon Ballet Flats Target $19.99

Flats. Seriously enough has been said. They are amazing and so cute and can really add that pop of color to an outfit or that edginess to your style. I'm loving #'s 1, 2 and 5 right now. I'm all about the pinks and that yellow is perfect for fall. I've seen so many cute outfits with pale pink flats that are just completely adorable.The yellow flats are just something that adds that pop of color to any fall outfit and they are so cute and I just love the different designs on flats, like spikes, flowers, glitter, and sequins. I'm super excited for fall and can't wait to whip out all my cute flats that go perfect with my fall style!

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