Thursday, July 18, 2013

Long Island, New York Recap Part 1

I got to go to New York at the end of June with my church and we were able to lead two VBS camps at two churches in New York. It was an awesome time filled with new information on how unreached the people of New York are from God. I enjoyed the trip so much and am so glad I was able to go and be a light to others in New York.

Day 1: Saturday, June 22

We headed out to New York. We had over 50 people from my church go, so the plane ride was very entertaining with lots of laughs, games and bathroom breaks. I kid you not, every time I looked at the bathroom someone from my church was in line to use it.

 Flying over New York City was just breathtaking. You can seriously get some awesome pictures from just flaying over NYC.

Central Park at its finest from the air.

As we landed we saw this cute little welcome sign for us. It would have been cool if they had just put it there for us.

While we were in New York we got to see the super moon on Sunday and Monday. It was so big and and beautiful!

Day 2: Sunday, June 23

On Sunday I had the opportunity to lead a church in worship. I got to see first hand that not many people go to church in New York. It was sad to see that although I go to a church that averages a couple thousands each Sunday, New York churches have from 5-200 people in attendance.

 I really enjoyed leading worship on Sunday and was so inspired by the pastors sermon on being more Christ like and not being afraid to share God's love to others.

After that service we headed to Starbucks and then to Crossroads Church to listen to the sermon there.

After church we ate lunch and headed out to pass out flyers for kids camp/ VBS that we were having at Discover Church.  We got a couple feet pics too just for the fun of it.

See that converse in between those to orange shoes. That was me. I totally photo bombed just to be different.

Day 3: Monday, June 24

We had our first day of VBS. Since most people don't go to church and we had no kids signed up we expected 5-7 kids. We got 17! It was so awesome and an answer to prayer to have so many kids.

This is my crazy face right before we started VBS for the day.

The end of part 1 of my trip to New York. I would love it if you continued to pray for Crossroads Church, Discover Church, and Ecclessia Church as they continue to be a light for God in a place where there are so many unreached people. Also I would love it if you prayed for Erin and Dylan the girl and boy who accepted Jesus into their hearts at VBS.

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  1. I worked at VBS at our church for many years while I was in school. It was always so much fun! I especially loved working the arts and crafts area.

    It is so sad to see so few people in churches these days, especially in such a populated area as NYC. It's so great that you were able to go do the Lord's work there!

    Found you via the TGIF Blog Hop! I'm now a follower!

  2. This sounds like much fun. Love the "Welcome to New York" pic.

  3. Those pictures really are breathtaking! I hope to go to New York one day :)

    xoxo Grace

  4. Thanks for linking up with the Friday Flash Blog. I hope you checked out the highlighted posts as well as everyone’s terrific entries. Have a fabulous weekend!


  5. It looks like you had such a great time in New York. my boys would love to go there one day. I took them as close as NJ last summer so will have to add that to our list. x Thank you for linking up with Belinda and I for Travel Tuesday! I hope you link up again next week.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose


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