Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day. I know I've really enjoyed all the chocolate, cupcakes and fruit that I've had today. My mom even planned a Valentine's Day party, so I got to spend the day with my family and friends. We had lot's of fun playing settlers of catan and headbandz. We made Valentine's cards for everyone and I loved that everyone was so creative. I even had some homemade chocolate today, which was divine!

After the Valentine's Day party my family and I had a special dinner and then went to tutti fruttu, a frozen yogurt place to get some amazing yogurt to go with watching the Olympics. Also, can I just say that the Olympics this year are amazing. I can't even imagine being a snowboarder or a figure skater, but I know each of the Olympians have really practiced hard in their sport and I can tells that it has paid off.

Again, Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy the Winter Olympics!

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